Commissions Open! : Three Slots Left
Hey hey heeeey I decided I should have a blog for the various stuff I make.

Here's a list of what you'll basically see.

* Drawings that may or may not be good

*Paintings of the same nature

*Spur of the moment baked goods

*Amateur crocheting

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Main blog :

so my poor laptop’s screen frame is getting worse each day and i’m afraid to touch it, so i’m gonna have to go on a little drawing hiatus until i can either 

  • get it fixed


  • get a new laptop

this only took a week to do AND i forgot to color something O7

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don’t mind me i’m just re-drawing atla and lok ocs cuz season 3 starts this friday

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a design for the wall at the place i’m workin at

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banana bread yo

i am working on those commissions right now!



Hey! I’ve got nothing!

In terms of money, that is. My cellphone has already been shut off cuz the bill has gone unpaid for too long, and I have ACEN coming up in a few weeks, which I have no money whatsoever for. I have a job for the summer coming up, but I really do need cash now, and not just for my personal use, but also to help out with groceries and bills until then!

So here come commissions again cuz this is all I can do at the moment; fixed some prices, and added something new!

SO, here’s the dealio.

Bust: Basically a headshot with a visible chest. These are only allowed one character per picture.

Chibi: A chibi version of your character. Maxiumum of one character. Added characters bump the price by $2.00 each. Maximum of 4 per picture.

Full body: A full body picture of your character. Maximum of one character. Added characters bump the price by $3.00 each. Maximum of 3 characters per picture. 

* I’m no animator, but I can make things move. If you want your picture animated, I can dabble with it! I do a maximum of 4 frames. 

No scenic backgrounds will be included in any of the pictures unless you request one!

Standard background is white. If you want a different color, or transparent, please specify.

* body pillows are now a thing you can order! you tell me what you want, and i’ll design it for you. then you take that design and go to and order your pillow case! The link is ONLY for a pillow case. if you don’t have the pillow yet, then you’ll need to order that as well.


  • want to commission me, or have a question? send me a fanmail @ quietmeliart or quietmeli , or you can e-mail me at 
  • i will only take up to 3 at a time so i don’t stress myself out. first come first served. i will post notifications if my commish slots are open or not
  • please be patient with me? i will do my best to work hard and fast, but life happens sometimes
  • i do fancharacters! just make sure you give me a reference image, or maybe a detailed description!
  • No explicit gore, or porn. Nudity can be discussed.  (There’s always pinups and body pillows!).
  • I REQUIRE PAYMENT BEFORE STARTING YOUR PIECE! I don’t want to risk dealing with thieves, so if this bothers you, then sorry, this is for my sake.
  • Payment will be done through paypal. If you don’t live in the US, then you must consider conversion costs. Research it so you can avoid conversion issues.

Can’t commission? That’s okay! Could you please reblog this and pass it around, though? I would really appreciate that!

EDIT 5/1/14: the summer job i applied for declined me due to me being related to one of the employees. I’m back on to job hunting, but until then, i still really need the help

EDIT 5/9/14: good news! ebay took out money from my account because using their slots to sell things isn’t free, so that left my bank account in negative numbers! even better, my bank added an overdraft fee to make it even lower! I had to use all the money i had on me, which was saved for something else, to bring it back to normal. oh, but it doesn’t stop there! my mom’s original amount of $2,000 she was supposed to get back from taxes has gone down to only $417, thanks to my father’s past debts! it’s a great time to be alive

in case the sarcasm wasn’t thick enough, my mother and i aren’t doing so hot. please, please, please help. it’s name your price commissions now, i honestly don’t care what you request or what you want to pay. and if you can’t/don’t want to, then please reblog this and pass it around 

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i’m in trouble

i sold two things on ebay to get some money a while back. what i didn’t know was that ebay isn’t fucking free. whether your items sell or not, they charge you an invoice for the selling slots

thanks to that, i’m -$50.32, with a wonderful 36.00 overdraft fee tacked onto it, making it -$86.00

this is fucking fantastic, and just a week away from acen. i have to use the measly $100.00 that was supposed to be for acen to bring my account out of the negative


at this point, i absolutely do not care about the prices of my commissions. it’s request+name your price time, i don’t care what you want, i’ll do it. i need money now. please, please help by either commissioning me, or sending this around

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